The Multi Stakeholder Initiative Tamil Nadu (MSI-TN) was formed in the year 2014, in order to foster cooperation and partnership between stakeholders – namely suppliers, NGOs, trade unions and the government. The main objective of the MSI-TN is to ensure fair, ethical and sustainable labour practices in the garment and textile industries across Tamil Nadu.

The formation of the MSI-TN was out of a need to address the human rights abuses in the supply chain. These abuses include forced labour, child labour, discrimination, sexual harassment, the underpayment of wages and irregular deductions and excessive working hours.

There is lack of effective institutional mechanisms to address these issues and to promote and implement fair labour practices in Tamil Nadu. It is this institutional gap that the MSI-TN aims to fill. Although the MSI-TN seeks to promote labour rights in the textile and garment industries in Tamil Nadu, it recognises the role of business in sustaining livelihood in this area and its important economic contribution. Therefore, the MSI-TN intends to create an open dialogue and discussion between all stakeholders, including businesses, in order to discuss and implement common goals.